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Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Register and Download Nexon Games!

Hey Gamers,

Today, I posted my first video guide up on YouTube.
It has amazing quality for 360p, so I hope you enjoy it!

Remember to comment on how you liked it, and especially post what you want me to do! Either suggestions to a new screen recorder, an annotation software, or just what you want me to post next!

This is Matt's MMORPGs and I hoped you liked the post!

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1 comment:

  1. ill give u a recomendation, get a banner so other blogs can link to u (i can help with that) and a chatbox so your contact with your readers is more fluid , u can get one here: , u need to put a widget that lets u use HTML to put things like the cbox and to link to other blogs with banners. in any case, either u take my advice or not, good luck and hope to see you around. (BTW LVL 47 evan (ShilverEvan) and LVL 39 DB (ShilverDB) ill be happy to help with your series of vids.